The big event of the year was Richard's graduation from Lewis & Clark with a bachelor's degree in philosophy. The whole family went to Portland for the ceremony and enjoyed the local sights and delicacies.

During the wine harvest season, he worked on the 2010 vintage at the Willakenzie Estate winery in the Willamette Valley, and rediscovered his love of fine wines. Now he is on the lookout for a full time job, preferably in the Portland area (leads welcome).

Marc continued his tenure at the Genomics Research Foundation, working on various sophisticated computer user interface systems for the researchers. He also found time to upgrade the presentation and commerce capabilities of the Muir skate shop whose business is now mostly on-line, thanks to his work.

He became qualified to sail 50 foot boats -- following the paths of his grandfathers, continued to develop his passion for photography, and spent quality time snowboarding

After some instruction from Claude at autocross school and on several California racetracks, Cindy started driving regularly with the Porsche Club.

Claude's company, ClearSpot Energy, secured its first large solar electricity customers this year. They are now finishing construction of a large facility at a water processing plant, and will have more projects in the coming year. Claude also joined the board of a Chinese software services company, Camelot Information Systems so he goes to Asia every quarter for board meetings, sometimes in bad weather.

Mao in the snow.

This year we all took a trip to France as a family. The occasion was a big family reunion in Arcachon with Claude's aunt, uncle, cousins, and all the nieces and nephews of Marc and Richard's generation. There were 26 people in attendance, much was eaten and drunk, lots of stories were told--some true, and much fun was had by all. On the way, we took a detour via Brittany to visit Mont Saint Michel, Cancale, Vannes and the Golfe du Morbihan area. It was a great family vacation.

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