Diamond D Ranch



The old horse barn had been looking pretty sad for a few years. The foundations had moved as the dirt was washed away by the elements, and dug up by various critters, so the roofline split and we were afraid some of the logs making up the walls were starting to roll. In the hay loft, the floor had buckled and there was so much space between the boards that rain and snow would get in.


This year we decided it was time to get some serious maintenance done. We had the whole barn cleaned inside and out, new foundations poured, metal bars mounted to straighten out the walls, new floor boards installed for the horses to walk on, and new saddle holders brought to the tack room. It is amazing what difference removing 100 years of cow and horse manure, and squaring the structure makes. The barn is now ready for another 100 years.


We had good grass-growing weather all summer long. The 300 cows and their calves enjoyed munching and put on a lot of weight.


Of course, we still have plenty
of projects left for future years. . .


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